The world of technology is becoming more complex, and it’s often challenging to cut through the noise and focus on what really matters. The same applies to learning how to code, and choosing the right topic to start or further your learning journey. 

This blog aims to cover the latest news and advances on wide range of topics in technology. I also intend to share my experiences in designing distributed systems, integrating AI in embedded systems, and developing end-to-end systems with cloud and container solutions.  


I head up Developer Ecosystems Group for IBM across Europe, previously worked as a research scientist and a technical lead at Intel, and a Java/open source developer at Sun Microsystems.  

My academic and industrial experiences in R&D range from ‘Distributed Systems’ to ‘Wireless Sensor Networks’, ‘Machine Learning’, ‘Embedded Systems’, forensic analysis of IoT, smart healthcare, smart home, and smart cities. I’ve collaborated in various national and international projects involving top technology corporations including Sun Microsystems, Oracle, BT, Toshiba, BAE Systems, ARM, Intel and IBM.

My principle area of expertise is designing energy-efficient RTOS and bare-metal semi-intelligent distributed middleware for various MCU architectures, in particular ARM Cortex M, x86 and previously MIPS. On the wireless communication side, my previous works were mostly based on 6LoWPAN 802.15.4 and BLE, and my recent focus was on LPWA LoRa for smart city applications.

Having excessively experimented with various utility-based, game theoretic and Bayesian techniques to implement intelligence and autonomy in distributed systems, my interests have widened to biologically-inspired techniques. I am absolutely fascinated by artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms and cognitive science. I believe true technological disruption in pervasive and ubiquitous computing will only be made feasible by embedding such techniques in resource-constrained everyday objects in order to make them smart. The recent industrial movement towards deep learning, and the use-case inspired academic research in machine learning (however limited to resourceful devices) are paving the way towards that goal.

I love blogging and I’d like to share my thoughts about technological advances and innovative products. Having previously worked as a research analyst, I’ve been following the market very closely. From time to time I intend to provide insights combined with both technical and business analysis. Therefore the opinions expressed here solely represent my own and not those of my employer.